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Couple Conundrum: When It’s Time to Sleep in Separate Beds – or Rooms
The two of you may be compatible in many things – choice of reading material (old National Geographic magazines), preferred Saturday night activity (Netflix and Scrabble), gym workout (boxing) and predilection for spicy ramen. But there are some things that keep couples from enjoying each other’s company at night:... Read more
Can Drinking Coffee Make You Sleepy?
Many people drink a steaming cup or mug of coffee first thing in the morning to really wake them up. Others rely on coffee to help them stay awake during the afternoon slump at work. If you’re one of those people who simply cannot function properly without their morning... Read more
Kinds Of Food To Eat And Avoid For A Good Night’s Sleep
Did you wake up groggy and out of focus? If you woke up feeling more fatigued than before you got in bed, you probably didn’t get enough quality sleep – and what you ate last night could be the culprit. Several research studies have suggested that nutrition plays a... Read more
Back Pain And Stress: The Truth
If you have an illness, it will be harder to heal if you’re in emotional distress. Many experts agree that psychological factors can even make any existing pain worse. Back pains are no exception. There is even something called “stress-related” back pain, in which emotional and psychological factors play... Read more
What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?
Each one of us has our own sleeping habits and default or predominant sleeping position. You may fall asleep on your side, stomach or side and switch positions sometime during the night, but there would usually be that one sleeping position you stay in most of the time. Your... Read more
How To Overcome Jet Lag
Ah, jet lag. The bane of those who travel across multiple time zones at once. Jet lag is really a set of symptoms that occur when the body’s circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, is disrupted. Our body clock tells the body when it’s time to sleep, wake up,... Read more
3 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep
The quality of your sleep has an impact on your physical and mental health in your waking hours. If you’ve experienced not being able to sleep well, you may have noticed your crankiness and lack of focus in the morning. If you sleep badly, it can affect your productivity... Read more
From Backaches to Back Up-and-Running Again! – The Importance of a Good Mattress
You’ve finally managed to get 8 hours of sleep and should be feeling young, healthy, and strong; but instead you get out of bed and feel like your 90 years old and falling apart with arthritis or rheumatism. You’re not alone. Many people suffer from back problems, or other... Read more
Natural Sleeping Solutions: Tested!
You can’t sleep. You’ve been laying in bed for hours, but you just…can’t sleep! You decide to break out some good old trusty herbal remedies to get you sleepy. But do they actually work? Here are 4 common insomnia remedies and the truth as to whether they actually help... Read more