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When Do I Need To Look For A New Mattress?
One of the fun facts that gets thrown around a lot when you’re talking about mattresses is that you spend a third of your day, hence a third of your life, in bed. This is why you should give a lot of consideration to what you sleep on. What’s... Read more
What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?
Each one of us has our own sleeping habits and default or predominant sleeping position. You may fall asleep on your side, stomach or side and switch positions sometime during the night, but there would usually be that one sleeping position you stay in most of the time. Your... Read more
Mattress Toppers Or A Brand-New Mattress?
Your mattress looks a little worse for wear – you can actually feel some coil springs poking your back when you lie down to sleep. You know it’s time to replace it with a new mattress but are on the fence about making a large purchase. You’re thinking of... Read more
How To Find Memory Foam That Is Best For You
When we talk about memory foam, we usually have in mind memory foam mattresses. These mattresses have become a home essential because of their ability to contour to the body and provide excellent support and comfort, which results in you having better and more restful sleep. If you’re looking... Read more
How To Overcome Jet Lag
Ah, jet lag. The bane of those who travel across multiple time zones at once. Jet lag is really a set of symptoms that occur when the body’s circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, is disrupted. Our body clock tells the body when it’s time to sleep, wake up,... Read more
3 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep
The quality of your sleep has an impact on your physical and mental health in your waking hours. If you’ve experienced not being able to sleep well, you may have noticed your crankiness and lack of focus in the morning. If you sleep badly, it can affect your productivity... Read more
What Are The Different Types Of Latex?
Latex is a material you usually hear about when discussing gloves, shoes, hoses and mattresses. In its raw form, latex is a milky white liquid substance that is composed of rubber particles dispersed in water. There are different kinds of latex for different applications, and there are also different... Read more
The Best Ways To Keep Your Mattress Looking Spick-And-Span
When was the last time you gave your mattress a good ‘ol cleaning? You may wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly but you also need to make sure you keep your mattress looking and feeling fresh and clean. After all, it’s where you rest your tired body after a... Read more
What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea and How to Treat It?
Sleep-related disorders affect many people around the world. One such common sleep disorder is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (also called sleep apnea), a condition that affects at least one in fifteen people. Lots of people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, but fewer than twenty percent are ever diagnosed or treated... Read more
From Backaches to Back Up-and-Running Again! – The Importance of a Good Mattress
You’ve finally managed to get 8 hours of sleep and should be feeling young, healthy, and strong; but instead you get out of bed and feel like your 90 years old and falling apart with arthritis or rheumatism. You’re not alone. Many people suffer from back problems, or other... Read more